On Our 60th Anniversary

The, which was established in 1953 with the aim of promoting research and improvements in medical and healthcare equipment, is celebrating its 60th anniversary this year. Originally named the ‘Hospital Engineering Association of Japan’, but with the increasing range of activities and broadening scope the name was changed the present ‘Healthcare Engineering Association of Japan’. Membership is composed of a wide range of specialists related to healthcare facilities to form a unique organisation.

In 1972 the first symposium (the 1st Hospital Engineering Symposium of Japan) was held, and has been held annually ever since. Additionally, since 1974 an exhibition has been held in conjunction with the symposium, the current HOSPEX Japan (an exhibition focusing on medical equipment from Japan, and jointly held with the Japan Management Association.

In 1984 the HEAJ became affiliated with the IFHE (International Federation of Hospital Engineering), with delegates attending the biannual IFHE conference and the annually held council meeting to participate in an active exchange of ideas and information. In 2010 our society hosted in Tokyo the first IFHE international conference to be held in Asia.

Other activities include establishing healthcare facility design guidelines, Certified Hospital Engineer accreditation and the publication of our Journal. In recent years the environment surrounding healthcare and welfare facilities has become ever more challenging.

I look forward to your support and cooperation.

President, HEAJ

Healthcare Engineering Association of Japan
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